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In the framework of the cooperation between Lebanon and the EU, and with the assistance of UNIDO Lebanon, a Subcontracting and Partnership Exchange (SPX) is established in Beirut, at the Industrial Research Institute. The objective of this SPX is to provide the Small and Medium Industries advisory information and services and to promote the subcontracting and the partnership between these industries and the international SMI’s.


An SPX is a center for technical information, promotion and display of capacities, processes and particularities of industrial production or services, in the shape of autonomous structure, having its main objective to create links between demand and supply of subcontracting activities.


The fundamental idea aiming at making the best use of the industrialists’ production means and capacities in a certain region came out from the fact that, in a given sector, the industrialists barely know each other and have no means to get precise information about the technical capabilities of their colleagues that could provide a part of or all their manufacture. Conversely, their own capabilities are not known by other industrialists.

Benefits of an SPX

1- At the level of the enterprise

The SPX allows the industrialists to
  • Know at any time and with precision the activities and capabilities of the enterprises of his region, through a mere request of information;
  • Know their capabilities, therefore reduce expenses and increase the profitability of its investments;
  • Resolve easily and wisely its subcontracting problems.

2- At the national level:

Representing an important industrial potential, the SPX has the possibility to
  • Facilitate the relations with official and para official institutions concerning economic issues;
  • Maintain relations that serve the interests of the industrialists and the country

3- At the international level

The Lebanese SPX will be part of an international network that covers about thirty countries and sixty SPX’s in the world.

At the end of 2001, the establishment phase of the SPX was terminated, and started with its functioning phase.

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