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The Director General of IRI,
Dr. Bassam Frenn, in an interview in Al Mughtareb magazine
"همّنا الأكبر هو حماية المستهلك اللبناني"

تقرير عن معهد البحوث الصناعية في مجلة الصناعة والإقتصاد

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Established in 1953, the Industrial Research Institute (IRI) is a Lebanese institution for studies, industrial research and scientific testing and analysis. IRI is a not-for-profit institution, declared of public utility by D/L n° 10059 dated 17 August 1955, linked to the Ministry of Industry by Law n° 642/1997, with administrative and financial autonomy.
IRI is the first accredited body in Lebanon (since 2004).

  Upcoming Events

Under Co-operation Projects between the "Industrial Research Institute" & " UNIDO ", IRI is organizing Training & Certification sessions for 11 welders as well as NDT Training for 7 experts from the Lebanese Industries at the Lebanese Welding Center starting 10-02-2015 under UNIDO project: "Supporting host communities in Lebanon affected by the high influx of the Syrian refugees".





The Industrial Research Institute's 60 years Anniversary






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